Unique prom transportation ideas

High school students with ideas on what they would like their ideal prom nights to be might garner inspiration from movies and television shows. But teenagers who hope to emulate their favorite celebrities when planning their proms might be in for some sticker shock as they start shopping around for prom-related services.

Students who find they cannot afford limousines to get them to and from their proms, or those who simply want to stray from the prom night norm, can consider the following transportation options.

Tandem bike: Cycling and formal attire might not equate to the best match, but tandem bikes make for a fun alternative to traditional prom transportation. Couples who want to ride tandem bikes to prom can choose attire that’s more amenable to physical activity than tuxedos and ball gowns or simply change at the ceremony site after arriving in style.

School bus: High school seniors attending prom can pay homage to the mode of transportation that’s been getting them to and from school since they were youngsters by renting a school bus with their friends. Combining resources to pay for the bus can make the rental costs less expensive for everyone, and students might have fun riding a big yellow bus one last time.

Group bike: Instead of renting tandem bikes, promgoers who want to pool their resources can look into renting group bikes. Many microbreweries now have beer bikes for adults over 21 who want to enjoy some cold beer while also getting some exercise. While high school students won’t partake in the beer-drinking part of this fun way to get around town, they can contact local breweries or cycling shops to see if they will rent out their group bikes (alcohol-free if renting from a brewery) on prom night.

Segway: Promgoers who have their own Segways or know someone who would can lend them one can take a Segway to their prom, asking a parent or relative to pick it up after they arrive at the festivities so they won’t have to drive it home in the dark. Young women may need to tie their dresses up before climbing on to their Segways, but these two-wheeled electric vehicles certainly provide a fun and unique alternative to traditional prom night transportation.